Sophisticated mood swings, manipulated day dreams
Sophisticated mood swings, manipulated day dreams

Hey guys, I’ve received multiple asks about why I’m breaking from Tumblr and haven’t been on much/been responding so I thought I would just blog and let you guys know what’s up.

My cousin has been diagnosed with cancer and his odds straight off the bat are not good. We are still finding out what exactly is going on and his treatment options so it’s been a little frustrating waiting. Not only is my family reeling from this news, but it has stirred up a lot of things for myself, my brother and our parents. Our family and extended families have been touched by cancer several times in the last 8 years, one being the loss of my 6 year old brother, so there has been a lot of pain and heartbreak for us in this regard and again we’ve found our selves in this terrible situation - only now we can only look on as our extended family go through this. 

As I said before, work and uni have kept me very busy and this news has really knocked me about. I’m sorry for delayed/no replies, and barely any activity but I hope you can understand. I have some of the sweetest mutuals ever and I love all of you guys. 

Take care, and talk soon <3

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hey i heard u like bad girls, i dont mean to brag or anything but im really really bad. at everything.

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